About Us

Our consultants are specialized in providing clients with a detailed analysis of business, economic and legislative developments concerning Syria. As the conflict winds down and attention shifts towards the reconstruction phase, more interest has grown in the country’s future direction. Such curiosity is evidenced by the increase in queries about Syria that we have been receiving lately from small and medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations. As such, we found it essential to offer our clients an advisory service that answers all of their questions in a timely and professional manner.

At your request, we compile information on all key industries that make up the economic landscape and how they are strategically shaping markets with respect to Syria. Our analysis includes insight into sectors such as commerce, industry, real estate, finance, insurance, employment, taxation and much more. We record our findings in a detailed report for your convenience and are also on hand to answer any follow-up queries or any other questions you may have on a given subject. We also take into consideration any special requirements you may have when offering our services. Our objective after all is to keep you regularly informed of all the major issues concerning Syria.

Additionally, we offer a subscription package that provides you with access to data assembled as part of our research. In order for you to gain practical insight into what initiatives underpin business and economic policies, we found it useful to provide you with the appropriate legislative context regarding Syria. The legislative process is a key indicator and reflection of what direction the economy is moving towards and how the business environment is being regulated. Reviewing the relevant data contained in our subscription package will help you realize your objectives as you seek further consultative and analytical services from us. We treat our subscribers as clients and invite them to benefit from a 15% discount on general consultancy fees.